Pointless win for breakfast radio duo

Sydney mic men Sam and Duncan Robinson won Channel 10 quiz show

Breakfast radio presenters know that it can pay off to know pointless stuff. For Sam Robinson and Duncan Robinson, co-hosts of Hope 103.2FM’s breakfast show in Sydney, it paid off this week when they won Channel 10’s quiz show Pointless.

“We were knocked out in the first round in our first show, but the beauty of the format is that you get a second go – so we refocused and by the time our second episode rolled around, a lot of the early nerves were gone,” explains Sam Robinson. For those who don’t know the point of Pointless, teams of two are challenged to come up with the least obvious answer to random questions.

Sam and Duncan Robinson (who are not related to each other) found it “nerve-wracking” to trade in their radio studio for television cameras. But the Robinson duo were happy to hit a few categories close to home which helped them make the most of their Pointless appearance.

“By chance, we got a category of breakfast cereals, and another on radio stars. Considering we do breakfast radio, this definitely worked in our favour. We were so stoked to get to the final round and play for the jackpot.” In the final round, the Robinsons were asked to name a lesser known movie featuring Ben Affleck or Ben Kingsley – an appealing task for Sam Robinson, who founded movie review site Reel Gospel.

With Duncan Robinson also being a church pastor and Sam Robinson graduating last year from Sydney Missionary and Bible College, the Hope 103.2FM breakfast hosts are active Christians in the media world. Sam told Eternity he was pleased the producers of Pointless didn’t cut out who the Robinsons are and what they do.

“We were thrilled that the editors kept in us talking about Hope 103.2 and our breakfast show,” – Sam

“We were thrilled that the editors kept in us talking about Hope 103.2 and our breakfast show,” says Sam. “It was an awesome opportunity and we were genuinely stoked to be on the show, especially as we could be ourselves.

“It’s certainly a different experience to being a Christian on a show like [ABC TV’s] Q&A, but we hope some viewers might have been interested in checking out Hope 103.2 after seeing us on there.”

For aspiring participants on Pointless, Sam has some helpful advice about how to win: cram. “I did a lot of study looking at countries and capital cities, IMDB lists of films and actors, lists of prime ministers and presidents – a lot of cramming went on.”

Duncan Robinson did less preparation – “but he’s got a good knowledge of sports and pop culture anyway” – and his co-host had to brandish his Pointless study at the critical moment. “If you watch the show you’ll see that Duncan was convinced that Ben Affleck starred in Maid in Manhattan – and I then shut him down on national television.

“I felt terrible doing it, but I knew it was Ralph Fiennes in that film – and we avoided an incorrect answer!

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