'The Chosen' Season 3 hits the big screen

There’s something special about stories. It’s why many of us get stuck into a great book and can’t put it down. It’s why pretty much all of us get hooked on a great series and can’t turn it off. Imagine if you could watch TV – or even kick back at the cinema – and be immersed in the greatest story ever told: the good news of Jesus itself. Imagine if you come away not cringing but being captivated. The verdict of many, critic and crowd alike, is that The Chosen is a well-produced, dramatic and engaging show, not just entertaining, but good for your soul.

With over 420 million episode views, The Chosen is the biggest crowd-funded TV film project of all time. The show has been described as historically and biblically accurate, entertaining and dramatic, funny and thought-provoking. As presentation of the gospel of Jesus should, the show has brought people together from different denominations (and even different faiths) to contemplate the story of Jesus in a new way.


Finally, Season Three is around the corner, with the theatrical trailer just released. This trailer anticipates screenings of the season’s first two episodes in over 2000 cinemas worldwide. Many Australian cinemas, including major chains like Hoyts and Event, will air these episodes over five days, starting on November 18. Tickets are out now and limited spots are available, so you’ll have to book fast! You can buy tickets here, with more locations available in the coming weeks.

Once done in theatres, the episodes will be available for free in The Chosen app – in the same way as all previous seasons. The remaining six episodes will then launch weekly on the app in December. The first two seasons are also available free on your mobile or smart TV app, with no fee or subscription required.

Season One introduced Jesus and his initial disciples. Season Two showed him continuing to build his group of followers, facing difficulties and opportunities, while his preaching and healing ministry began to spread. The Season Three trailers, which you can watch above and below, present Jesus as a profoundly compelling figure amidst growing hostility from political and religious leaders.

The Season Three trailer trended number one on YouTube on its release.

The creator, writer, director and executive producer of The Chosen is Dallas Jenkins, an evangelical Christian (who spoke with Eternity previously about the plans for season three). In another recent interview, with The Federalist, Jenkins quoted Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew to describe the theme of Season Three: “Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” He continued, “The honeymoon phase is over, now the characters all have to deal with the costs and occasional confusions of following the Messiah.”

The Chosen doesn’t just provide a chance to immerse yourself in the world and words of Jesus. Jenkins has always wondered about some of the extraordinary stories that don’t get much air time in the Gospels. “From my childhood when I was in church hearing the stories, I always was trying to think about what was happening in between the verses,” said Jenkins.

“What was it like Jesus sitting around the campfire with his disciples, Jesus growing up? Some of these people I read about in the Gospels, their stories were so quick. I was always interested in some of the smaller things we don’t necessarily see in the Gospels. Whenever I thought about those things, it made those Gospel moments even more powerful.”

More Chosen stories will be featured on Eternity soon, including an exciting competition! So if you’re a fan of the show, stay tuned and get excited for 18 November. If you haven’t tried it yet, consider whether a moving portrayal of the good news might stir up your affections for Jesus and grow your knowledge and love of God. Especially if you’re feeling weary and heavy-laden, this season is for you.

Head to this link to purchase tickets for the upcoming cinematic release, November 18-22.