What Daniel Day-Lewis will do next

Three-time Oscar winner retires from acting and we know his next move

The biggest shock in the world of movies this week was the news that three-time Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis was retiring.

The method actor best known for My Left Foot and There Will Be Blood did not give a reason when he announced his decision. But the rumour mill suggests he might direct, or take on the profession he is portraying in his final film – dressmaking. With such a loss from the acting world, Ben McEachen from The Big Picture wonders: what will we miss most when Daniel Day-Lewis retires?

Also this week, with the release of huge cartoon sequel Cars 3, Mark Hadley lists “The Top 3 Cars that are better than Cars 3.”

And Ben struggles to find something positive to say about Transformers: The Last Knight. Watch him squirm.

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