Who would Jesus date?

The Big Sick raises the eternal issue of how to choose your mate

Romantic comedy The Big Sick has an offputting title but it’s a refreshing, honest look at race, religion and relationships.

The swearing and adult concepts can be icky or full on, but romantic comedy The Big Sick often is spot on about how thoughtless or stupid we can be about major life decisions. When it comes to choosing someone who we want to spend the rest of our lives with, The Big Sick hinges on the notable process that comedian Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily V. Gordon went through.

Should you go to The Big Sick for advice about meeting your match?

The Big Sick is based loosely on the true story of how they got together. From a Pakistani-Muslim family, Americanised Kumail dates Caucasian Emily (played on-screen by Zoe Kazan) and things go great, until background differences drive them apart. Then, Emily goes into a coma. Yes, a coma. And, then, Kumail hangs out with her worried parents (Holly Hunter and Ray Romano; both excellent).

Frequently amusing, insightful and stirring, The Big Sick presents guidance about dating that ranges from superficial fluff to questioning things of significance. But should you go to it for advice about meeting your match? The Big Picture‘s Mark Hadley suggests you are better off bringing your relationship questions to a guy who never had a girlfriend or wife.

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