Why I would vote for the worst president ever

Frank Underwood is the most unethical, egotistical, diabolical president TV can imagine – and I’d vote for him.

Netflix original series House of Cards has just kicked off its fifth season and it already looks like being one of the best yet. House of Cards is the story of Frank and Claire Underwood, and their rise to power from American senator and lobbyist, to masters of the Oval Office.

The Underwoods are the king and queen of ruthless pragmatism, but you’ve got to say this much for them: they know what they want, and they won’t let anything stand in their way.

Today, we are awash with leaders who won’t lead.

And that’s why I think they’re so popular on TV – and might be in real life.

Today, we are awash with leaders who won’t lead. Politicians whose opinions are written for them by the next opinion poll. The result is no real direction that lasts longer than a month, no real leadership.

One thing you can say for a famous leader like Jesus – he never worried about opinion polls. He went out of His way to let kings know what was coming to them … powerful lobby groups, their personal shortcomings … and pretend supporters, just how committed they’d have to be if they wanted to stay on the team. Jesus knew what he intended to do, but unlike Frank Underwood, he was a king who was prepared to spend his own life for our sake.

Maybe we’re ready for a real king?

House of Cards’ success points to our exhaustion with the wishy-washy politician. Maybe we’re ready for a real king?

Mark Hadley is co-host of the weekly radio show The Big Picture, which discusses movies, TV and pop culture from a Christian perspective.