You can become the Messiah in 'I am Jesus Christ' video game

First-person players will calm storms, feed crowds and fight Satan

The Gospels allow people to explore the life of Jesus Christ but if crowdfunding efforts are successful, a new video game will allow them to experience it from his own virtual sandals.

‘I Am Jesus Christ’ is an interactive first-person video game that encourages players to “become the Messiah”. Players will be able to feed hungry crowds, calm storms, fight Satan in boss battles, and heal the sick — all before being crucified and resurrecting.

In addition to participating in Jesus’ miracles, players are promised the ability to travel the lands of Jerusalem and Galilee, as well as read the words of Jesus from the Bible.

Its creator, Maksym Vysochansky of Poland, identifies as a Christian, and says the game stems from a desire to “show, from a first-person perspective, what Jesus Christ did.”

“For hundreds of years, many artists made great paintings about Jesus Christ,” Vysochansky told Game Informer last month. “The last 50 years have been full of some great movies about him. Now, I want to follow in that tradition and create an art masterpiece with a computer game.”

The game is still in development, and a Kickstarter campaign is set to be launched on gaming platform Stream later this month.

Trailers for the video game show miracles and other game-play intertwined with corresponding Bible verses from various Gospels.

It’s certainly a different type of video game — one Vysochansky believes people are ready for.

“People are tired of those zombies shooting games,” he said.

“Our entire team is surprised by the massive amount of feedback. This shows that people want [the game], and are ready to play.”

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