How to get to heaven, according to Netflix

Are you going to The Good Place?

One of the most controversial new TV shows has no swearing, nudity, Games or Thrones. Instead, it is set in heaven and lays out the standards for what it takes not to be sent to “the bad place” after we die.

The Good Place is a new Netflix sitcom starring Kristen Bell (Frozen) and Ted Danson (Cheers, Fargo). Bell plays Eleanor, a recently deceased woman who lobs into the nice, clean, inviting realm overseen by Michael (Danson).

Eleanor starts to realise that she has somehow got in by mistake, as the rules for citizenship in The Good Place are strict. So tough that it’s a wonder anyone can get in, and you’ll be left wondering whether there is any hope for your own after-life prospects.

Another controversial TV show drawing attention on our streaming services is Transparent Season 4 – but this one is full of swearing and nudity.

Before you commit to never watching Transparent – a show devoted to one family’s odyssey to determine their individual sexual identities – there is something you should know. Ben McEachen reveals that Transparent‘s latest season continues to shockingly display the traumatic effects of sexual experimentation.

Away from the small screen and at cinemas, the ultra-violent sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, wants your money. Find out whether you should part with it.

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