'God will make his love and Gospel shine, in the right time'

Edgar’s story | A powerful prayer in Mexico

“I became a Christian when I was at university in Mexico. At the time, I was studying mechatronic engineering, and I was living with my older brother in a shared house in Ciudad del Carmen. It was a good time. We were partying, hanging out with friends, like uni students do.

Then, my brother actually became a Christian. It was a really sudden change in him. He started reading the Bible, listening to sermons, going to church. It really intrigued me.

Before that, I hadn’t been thinking about religion. I had no questions about life or faith, nothing. I didn’t ever think about it. Then my brother invited me to his church a couple of times. I went with him, and I heard the Gospel. I heard about Jesus. But I didn’t understand it.

I told my brother I didn’t get it. But he was persistent. He kept inviting me to church. I kept telling him that I wasn’t interested, and I wasn’t getting anything out of it. It was as if my eyes were closed. That went on for months.

Anyway, one day, we were alone at home. My brother approached me with almost tears in his eyes. He looked very troubled. He said, “Edgar, I really need you to listen to me.” He wanted to tell me about Jesus again.

I said, “But I just don’t get it. I don’t feel what you feel. I don’t see what you see.”

Then he said, “Just let me pray for you.”

I said, “Ok, you can pray for me”

My brother laid his hand on my shoulder, and he prayed for me. As he prayed, it was like a switch turned on. I felt a warm feeling in my heart. I had this awareness of God, of the Lord Jesus. From that day on, I was able to feel what my brother was feeling. I could see what he could see. We began to go to church together. We read the Bible together. There was a hunger in me to learn more about Jesus. I had that hunger so vividly from that time on. I was 23.

Three years later, I came to Australia to do a Mechanic course in Melbourne. When I finished, I felt that God was leading me to go to Bible College, to go deeper in the Bible. I went to the open day at college, and I made inquiries, but then I found out about the price. It was a lot of money to study at Bible College! I was discouraged. I knew I couldn’t afford it. I was only working part time because I was studying.

“As he prayed, it was like a switch turned on.” – Edgar

But then I went to church that Sunday and I heard a short message from Matthew 13:58. “Jesus did not do many miracles in his hometown because of their lack of faith.”

Jesus didn’t do any miracles in Nazareth, because the people didn’t believe he could do it. It really challenged me. It was God speaking to me. I knew I had to step out in faith and believe that God would open the door. I applied for Bible College… and I got a scholarship! I was able to study at Bible College and I got my Bachelor of Theology. It made a big impact on my life and faith. I also got to be part of an international small group, doing discipleship with Christians from around the world which really encouraged me.

I also met my wife at Bible College, who was from Kenya! We got married five months ago. Our plan is to go back to Mexico with a mission agency.

But I have to tell you one more thing. It happened on Sunday. My younger brother (in Mexico) has always been uninterested in Christianity. My older brother and I have been praying for him for 8 years now. It has been a really long time of praying. But just last week, my younger brother actually went to church with my older brother, for the first time! It made me feel very encouraged. I know it’s hard to pray for family members for a long time. But God will make his love and Gospel shine, in the right time.”

Edgar’s story is part of Eternity’s Faith Stories series, compiled by Naomi Reed. Click here for more Faith Stories.

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