20 stories that lifted our faith in 2020

There’s no denying that 2020 was a tough year. In Australia, we started the year with bushfires already raging. These were followed by floods. And before March was out, a global pandemic was upon us.

Yet even in the midst of great difficulty and heartache, our team at Eternity were blessed by story after story that lifted our faith and reminded us to keep our eyes on the One who is faithful.

As you head towards 2020’s close and approach the new year, may these stories fill you with hope, faith and gratitude.

Prayer saved thousands in Mallacoota, claims ‘atheist’: ‘Miraculous’ escape offers hope amid the ashes

The fire front bears down on Mallacoota

I’m alive today because the church prayed

Chelsea Taylor on a recent Zoom chat with Eternity

Deadly storms, heroin addicts, cancer and my faith

Nick Hawkes 1971

It’s a new world record: the Bible in over 700 languages

Maria Augusto Afonso

A divine appointment with Down syndrome
Child with down syndrome cuddling with dog
God can restore what is broken – even this family
Iona raced down mountains … and crashed into God

Iona Rossely

Sex, drugs, rock bottom, and finding hope. Again

Josh Niclair Hand Brake Turn

The Queen’s Easter message: Light overcomes darkness

Church unity: one of many pandemic opportunities

Cross in sunset

Good news about the good news: Bible available in languages used by 5.7 billion people

A soldier’s story: ‘I prayed for forgiveness and for help to give up the drink and all other evils I was addicted to. God answered’

Real saints and soldiers: The very good work of the Aboriginal Evangelical Fellowship of Australia

40 Pakistani Christians freed after almost 5 years on ‘terrorism’ charges

Youhanabad Pakistan

COVID hasn’t destroyed our youth group – it’s grown it! One surprisingly positive outcome in a challenging year

Revival Youth at St Andrew's Anglican Church, Roseville

New Pitjantjatjara app opens the Bible in heart language

Pitjantjatjara App

Church online has been great for our daughter with special needs

The Gosbell family

Families living with disability: you are not alone

Joshua, Josiah and Igraine Lim

I am old. I am not afraid to die

Dear church leaders and pastors, thank you