ACL says Asia Bibi could come here

Australia could offer refuge if Canada does not go first

The Australian Christian Lobby welcomes confirmation from Australian Government sources that Asia Bibi and her family will be offered asylum.

“This is momentous news for all who have lobbied so hard and so long for Asia Bibi,” said ACL managing director Martyn Iles.

“Government sources have confirmed that it will make an offer of asylum to Asia Bibi if Canada does not do so in the coming days.”

“This announcement means that both her and her family have been guaranteed a home in one of the freest and safest countries on earth.”

“It will be a fitting end to nearly a decade of persecution and the prospect of death by hanging, all on baseless accusations of blasphemy.”

The only question is why the Government must wait for a response from Canada first. “It’s hard to see any justification for waiting on Canada,” commented Mr Iles. “Either it’s the right thing to do or it isn’t. And with extremists hunting her from house to house, it is important for us to act now.”

“It seems she has three possible destinies ahead of her: Australian, Canadian, or dead. It would be the ultimate tragedy if she were to die on account of bureaucratic dithering.”

“Australia’s humanitarian program is supposed to offer asylum to the most persecuted and vulnerable people in the world if Asia Bibi does not qualify, no one does.”

The Australia Christian Lobby would also like to acknowledge the efforts over years from other key parties involved in championing Asia Bibi’s case, especially Wilson Chowdhry from the British Pakistani Christian Association, and several key politicians including Senator Eric Abetz who lobbied within the government.


Some prayer points to help

Pray that Asia Bibi will be able to leave Pakistan and find a new home

That her family and supporters will also be safe

For Peace in Pakistan when Asia Bibi leaves