Australia has its own Blessing video – and it's stunning!

The much-anticipated Australian Blessing video has just been released. And here at Eternity, we think it’s worth the wait!

“Blessing videos” have become a global internet sensation during the COVID lockdown season, with the UK Blessing, in particular, going viral. Taking a song written by Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes and Elevation Worship that is based on the scriptures in Numbers 6:22-27, worship leaders in different countries have united across denominational lines to sing a blessing over their nation.

Here in Australia, organisers put out a call for contributions a few short weeks ago and were inundated with more than 300 submissions from across the country and every church tradition. Communications director Jordan Bromhead says it is “impossible to calculate exactly how many individual people have contributed to this project. We had over 300 submissions, many with multiple people featured.

“In addition to this, we have been backed by an army of prayer warriors through the Canberra Declaration and since then, many more have committed to uniting in prayer. If I were to take a guess it would be well over 1000 people directly involved in making this project happen.”

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Creative director Luke Munns says what he loved most about the project was that it allowed different groups to “take our eyes off the peripheral things that divide, and focus instead on unifying the Australian Church around Jesus”.

Indigenous gospel recording artist Robyn Green says she “felt honoured and privileged” to be a part of the Blessing.

Indigenous gospel recording artist Robyn Green has spent 34 years in the industry and released 8 albums in Australia, but says she “felt honoured and privileged” to be a part of such an “exciting and memorable project”.

Pastor Robyn was born and raised by Pentecostal Assembly of God parents Peter (an evangelist) and Eva Morgan. With her first husband, Don Green, who sadly passed away in 2005, she has four children, who are now all worship leaders. In 2011, she married Pastor Anthony Beezley and until March this year, they pastored a church together in Cairns. Now, they are based in Banora Point, NSW.

When asked about her hopes for the project, Pastor Robyn defers to the wisdom of the Bible.

“Psalm 133:1 says it is good for brethren to to dwell together in unity, and there God commands a blessing,” she says. “I believe that when we speak and pray in unity over our nation, God will move mightily!”

Sister Mary Immanuel learned of the opportunity to take part in the Blessing Australia video while in Sydney, where she will soon complete theology studies at Notre Dame University. She’s part of a Catholic community based in Franklin, Tasmania, called the Sisters of the Immaculata.

Along with Sister John Mary and Sister Antonina – who are also part of the video – Sister Mary recorded her contribution at St Benedict’s Catholic Church on Broadway – the church they attend Mass at and pray in while studying, which is situated on the Darlinghurst campus of the University of Notre Dame.

“I could see that this project helped build unity amongst believers.” – Sister Mary Immanuel

“I love to sing and I help lead worship in my community on our various missions and retreat, so I wasn’t worried about that. It was more that we were quite camera shy. And – because of our many essays for university – we didn’t have a lot of time to practice, so we kept forgetting the words!” Sister Mary Immanuel told Eternity.

But Sister Mary Immanuel and her fellow sisters overcame the lyric learning challenge for a bigger purpose.

“What really touched me was the openness and respect of the organisers towards the Catholic Church, as well as all the different denominations of the Christian faith that they were working with,” she says. “It was wonderful to converse about what each of our communities are doing to spread the love of God, and through these conversations and working together, I could see that this project helped build unity amongst believers.

“Jesus prayed at the Last Supper that all will be one as He and the Father are one and that this unity would be a sign to the world of God’s love. So I hope this project will be a blessing that will bring unity amongst believers so that the love of God can be poured out upon all Australians.”