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Australian Defence Force gets a waterproof Bible

It really is waterproof … we tested it.

A new, waterproof New Testament has been created by Bible Society Australia, one for each of the three arms of the Australian Defence Force.


Air Commodore Kevin Russell, the director-general of Chaplaincy Air Force said the New Testament for the Royal Australian Air Force matches the Air Force’s new general purpose uniform, and has been created for use in any situation. The Air Force version is the first of the three versions to be launched. All versions include the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs.

“To have a New Testament that matches [the new uniform], that fits in pockets and is waterproof, makes it very durable and we can take it anywhere,” he told guests at a launch event in Canberra last week.

“The main point of having this [Bible] is that it gives access to the scriptures to our people, and they can take it.”

Air Commodore Russell said the duty of an Air Force chaplain to share the word of God was a “great and heavy privilege.”

Bible Society Australia’s CEO Dr Greg Clarke said it was a “delight” to provide Bibles to Defence Force personnel.

“We are thrilled that people will be able to take this Bible with them wherever they go.” – Greg Clarke

“We are thrilled that people will be able to take this Bible with them wherever they go, whatever circumstances they’re in, whatever challenges they face – some of those challenges are ones I can’t even imagine.”

The waterproof Bible will be used by Air Force chaplains both in Australia and those deployed overseas. A version of the waterproof Bible for the Army and the Navy is also in progress.