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The Lydia Project brings us up, close and personal with all sorts of everyday women

Brisbane mother of four and small business owner Tori Walker has embarked on a new project. “I heard a Christian friend chatting on a podcast,” she explained. “I loved listening to it and so went searching online for more conversations with Christian Women. I was surprised and a little disappointed when I couldn’t find any, so I had the crazy idea that I’d start one myself.”

Tori’s podcast The Lydia Project is gathering a following among Christian women. Listeners have commented that they love it for its raw honesty and the window that it gives into other women’s journeys of faith. The format is simple: Tori sits down with a Christian woman and asks her about her life. So far she has interviewed women young and old, married and single, who are working, studying, raising kids, teaching the Bible, doing mission work, struggling with long-term illness and living alone.

“It’s more like listening in on two friends having a good catch-up.” – Tori Walker

Tori is like a Richard Fiedler or an Andrew Denton and her guests open up and share their lives in these personal and insightful interviews.

“Each episode is around 40 minutes long,” Tori explained. “Before I interview someone I’ll have a few ideas in mind about where the conversation might go, but I’m often surprised by where we end up. It’s certainly not a polished, studio-produced podcast, but more like listening in on two friends having a good catch-up.

“I am praying that God would use these conversations to help Christian women stand firm in their faith, encouraged by the joys and struggles of other women in similar and different situations to their own.

“I’m hopeful too that women will be challenged to serve God…” – Tori Walker

“I’m also hoping that women will be excited to hear about how God has been at work in people’s lives, and give thanks to him. I’m hopeful too that women will be challenged to serve God with joy as they hear about the different ways that other women are serving Jesus in Australia.”

The Lydia Project is hosted by the Gospel Coalition Australia.

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