Easy ways to brighten someone's day

Running between November 6 and 13, National Others’ Week is a time when we are encouraged to reach out to others with kindness.

The week is an initiative of Global Care, the Social Justice arm of the International Network of Churches movement, and they say, “kind may be at times simple, [but] it is not insignificant. In fact kindness can change a life, can lighten a load, can brighten a day and can just make life better for both the giver and the receiver of the kind act.

“Kindness is the oil that keeps the community functioning with a positive sense of humanity. In its essence kindness builds community.”

Here are 10 easy things you could do to spread a little love and kindness:

Love sparklers

#1 say ‘I love you’ to someone you love Danielle Elder1 License

Bring someone coffee

#2 bring someone coffee Unsplash (edited)

North Sydney and Traffic on the Harbour Bridge

#3 let someone merge into your lane Alex Proimos (edited)1 License

Anonymous encouragement

#5 leave anonymous encouraging post it notes for strangers Tess Holgate

An anonymous gift, from "a grateful customer"

#6 send a friend an anonymous gift .matter.1 License

Combined Joint Live Fire Exercise

#7 send a thank you note to a soldier

Olivia - Stranger #10

#8 smile at a stranger Steven Guzzardi 1 License

Planting a seedling

#9 plant a tree USFS Region 51 License

A local call, in the pre-mobile era

#10 call a long lost friend DraconianRain1 License

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National Other's Week

National Other's Week

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