Old-fashioned gospel meetings make a comeback in Adelaide

Two evangelists have moved into Adelaide’s city centre, setting up a Bible exhibition next to St Peter’s Cathedral, and opening up a gospel tent each night for meetings where they proclaim Jesus Christ.

“We’ve been particularly happy [that] the people that are coming in want to engage with us and want to have a good conversation with us. So that’s really nice. We’ve had all sorts of people in: we’ve had Christians in, we’ve had atheists and sceptics and we’ve really appreciated that,” says Bryan Stewart, a full-time evangelist with Strathalbyn Gospel, a monthly gospel meeting.

“We’re very pleased with the type of people who’ve come in and the engagement we’ve had with them.”

The Bible exhibition educates visitors about the history of the Bible in Australia, and a little about how the word of God has been spread in Australia. It also delves into the writing and development of the Bible, along with translations and the timeline of Bible production.

“We’re privileged to obey the command to go into all the world and preach the gospel.” – Bryan Stewart

“Then we take them through the God of the Bible, explaining the Trinity and so on, and then the gospel of the Bible and the uniqueness of the gospel of the Bible,” says Stewart. “And then there’s a section on the wonders of the Bible and prophecies of the Bible concerning the Lord Jesus Christ – that’s to show them the authenticity of the Bible. And then we have a section on the challenge of the Bible, [exploring] its relevance to us today.”

They also have several antique copies of the Bible dating back to 1722, as well as some artefacts and replica items.

The Bible exhibition is on all week

The Bible exhibition is on all week Strathalbyn Gospel

In the evening, there is a meeting where the gospel is proclaimed from the book of John.

“As is quite often the way with a tent, you get people who wouldn’t normally come into a church building, so we’re pleased with that,” says Stewart.

“We don’t get huge numbers – anywhere between 30 and 50 people – and we’re quite happy with that [because] we just want to give people the opportunity to come in.”

Stewart, a native of Northern Ireland, moved to Australia four years ago, and became a full-time evangelist two years later.

“It’s been our desire to bring the gospel into the heart of the city here in Adelaide. We’re privileged to obey the command to go into all the world and preach the gospel.

“We welcome all who would come and hear the gospel, and we appreciate the prayers of God’s people.”

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Bible Exhibition

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