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One little book is set to change thousands of lives

Hundreds of thousands of Australian children and their families will be introduced to the Christ of Christmas this year through one small book published by Bible Society Australia.

Last year 250,000 copies of the book The Really Good News of Christmas were distributed. The response was so positive that BSA is urging churches and schools to pre-order copies for this Christmas season, from August 1.

This year many more copies of the updated book will be distributed. Kids are being encouraged to share the good news themselves by personalising an activity page before giving the book to a friend.

The renamed book The Really Good News of Christmas – For Me! tells the Christmas story in fresh, child-friendly language, accompanied by vivid illustrations by artist Emma Randall. Aimed at children aged 4-8, the book explains the Christmas story in the context of the biblical accounts of creation and redemption, including Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

“Christmas is a time when people are just a little bit more open to the message of the Christian faith.” – Luke Williams

Digital resources based on the book also will be available to download, including an animated video and an ‘instant nativity play’, complete with a slide presentation, invitations, posters and costume designs.

“We used the Really Good News of Christmas instant nativity on Christmas Eve last year,” said Luke Williams, minister of The Billabong, a Uniting church in Canningvale, WA. “It was a great way for our congregation to engage with the [Christmas] story and then take home the books … to give to their friends, neighbours and family.”

“Christmas is a time when people are just a little bit more open to the message of the Christian faith.

“It was a great opportunity to give away something non-threatening to our friends, as a way of sharing the good news.”

Churches, schools and other organisations can now pre-order up to 500 free copies of the book online, with free delivery also thrown in.

While you’re at it, you can place a pre-order for next year’s Easter book The Seriously Surprising Story.

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