The Bible through the eyes of first Australians

Let your faith be transformed by a 21-day artistic journey

Our Mob, God’s Story takes you on a biblical journey through the eyes of Australia’s first Australians. But there’s a twist: the book is a collection of artworks that represent different passages of Scripture. And now, you can get a sneak peek at it, with a 21-day devotional series drawn from the book.

With Bible Society Australia’s Daily Bible service, you can receive one devotion per day, which will include an artwork, a Bible verse and a reflection on the verse and the painting by the artist.

So Loved, by Glenny Naden

So Loved, by Glenny Naden Glenny Naden

Artist Glendora Naden says of her painting So Loved, “This painting is based on the verse John 3 verse 16, a favourite verse from Sunday School days on the mission. God loved the world so much that he gave his son to die that we might have life. The groups on the side of the painting represent the people of the world showing all different countries. The top of the painting is the heavenly realm where God is, and a much anticipated place for all believers.”

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