Tim Keller gets good cancer report, as 'the Great Physician' answers prayers

Prominent New York City pastor Tim Keller’s treatment for pancreatic cancer has “surprised and delighted” his doctors.

In a Facebook post early on Saturday morning, Keller was grateful to those who had prayed for his healing. “God has been very gracious in answering those prayers, and my most recent CT scans on Monday showed more improvement,” wrote Keller, pastor at NYC’s Redeemer Presbyterian and author of bestselling books including The Reason for God and The Meaning of Marriage (co-written with his wife Kathy).

Thank you all so much for continuing to pray for me during my treatment for pancreatic cancer. God has been very…

Posted by Timothy Keller on Friday, November 6, 2020

Keller announced his cancer diagnosis in June, explaining it “was what doctors call an ‘incidental pickup,’ otherwise known as providential intervention.”

“I have terrific human doctors, but most importantly I have the Great Physician himself caring for me.”

As many Christians do, Keller requested prayer for the comfort and encouragement of his family, as well as for the appropriate medical intervention to combat the cancer.

Keller’s update is a welcome praise point for Christians in the Big Apple after Carl Lentz – another high-profile NYC pastor – had his “moral failures” brought to light this past week. Keller’s post notes his doctor has been “surprised and delighted that I am able to tolerate the continued high level of chemotherapy with relatively few side effects … as well as having such a strong therapeutic response.”

“All praise belongs to God, who has been merciful and generous in caring for us both physically and spiritually.”

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