Was your baby born last year? Get them a free Bible

Behind every passion project is a devoted creator – and the ‘Bibles for Bubs’ project is no different.

Three years ago, ‘Bibles for Bubs’ was birthed by Belinda Faulks, Bible Society Australia’s Projects and Relationship Manager. Since then, she has handwritten 7,000 birthday cards.

“It’s a joy to see him engage with the stories and pictures as he grows.” – Sashi

Each baby registered by a relative to receive a free toddler Bible also gets a birthday card from Bible Society, up to their fifth birthday. They will then receive a “Big Rescue Bible”, to support them during the primary years.

“We have 4,500 babies enrolled and are looking for a further 2,000 babies who were born in 2019,” Belinda explains.

“Our original group is turning three this year, no longer babies – and I don’t have writer’s cramp yet!”

Crystal James applied for a Toddler Bible for her daughter Destiny, as part of the first ‘Bibles for Bubs’ intake.

James plans to register for the “God’s Story for Me” Bible story book offer for her youngest daughter Dakota, who was born last year.

“I loved the fact that Destiny received her free Bible,” Crystal explains. “It is perfect for toddlers. The Bible is in their language, it is brightly coloured, and the stories are short so they keep Destiny interested long enough for me to read it.”

Ezra Arulkumar was the very first baby registered for Bibles for Bubs in 2019. His mother Sashi loves reading the Toddler Bible with Ezra as part of his nightly routine.

“It’s a joy to see him engage with the stories and pictures as he grows,” shares Ezra’s mum. “Our prayer is that he will develop a love for God’s word.”

Bible Society Australian wants to “Open The Bible” for people everywhere, including making God’s word part of the everyday life of children.

There are 2,000 “God’s Story for Me” Bibles to be given away to 2019 babies and their families. All details can be found here – and registrations close on June 30, or when 2,000 babies have been registered.

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