Four reasons to invite someone over for dinner

Why hospitality isn’t old fashioned or way too hard to do

I live in a city where restaurants, pubs, bars and cafes are aplenty. There’s no shortage of great venues to try out – both in atmosphere and culinary quality. The extrovert and food-lover parts of my personality love experiencing new places to dine.

Maybe you’re similar and you love going out for meals with friends. If you’re a young adult like me, in the 20-something age range, it’s probably something you do weekly, if not more! (When we’re not on Facebook or Instagram, we can be found at the local pub or cafe)

There’s something special about being invited into someone’s home to share a meal.

But, I wonder, when was the last time you or I had someone over to our place for a meal?

If you live in a shared apartment or studio, I know it can prove a little difficult for hosting people. However, I think there’s something special about being invited into someone’s home to share a meal.

Here are four reasons to stop making excuses and invite someone over:

1. There’s nothing quite like a home-cooked meal

Taking the time and effort to cook for people speaks volumes. In this ‘instant’ day and age, it says that you care enough to plan a meal, buy the ingredients and prepare it.

You don’t have to be a masterchef in the kitchen to cook a meal. There are so many simple recipes available online that even a child could make! (I am not condoning sending your children into the kitchen unsupervised. Ha)

And if you don’t know the difference between a spatula and a wooden spoon, then maybe you should just order pizza. Just don’t let your fear of the kitchen be the reason you don’t have people over to your place.

2. You don’t need to have a super amazing house

I used to avoid inviting people over to my flat because I thought it was too small, pokey and out-dated. I thought it needed to be more modern, bigger and have better furniture to be good enough for guests. Sounds a bit silly, but I’ve spoken to friends who have felt similarly about their place.

One day I realised these superficial things pale in comparison with the importance of my friends knowing that I love them and want to spend time with them.

Please don’t let your house be the reason you don’t invite people over. Usually, we are far more self-conscious than anyone else and the memories you make together will exceed the petty things like an old couch or mis-matched plates!

3. You can interact in more casual and natural ways at home

Going out to dinner with friends is great, but often you’re limited to only talking to the people directly seated around you at the table. Let’s be honest, sometimes you’re stuck making conversation with someone you’d rather not be!

When you’re at a friend’s house, you are free to easily get up and move around and connect with everyone there.

If you’re sitting on the couches eating and chatting, there’s a more relaxed vibe about being in a home. I’ve noticed people tend to act differently at home than they do out at a restaurant. And, you can bring out the board games and end up having a hilarious night.

4. The Bible says to do it, so that seems like a pretty good reason

There’s a beautiful passage in the NLT translation of 1 Peter 4:9 which says: “Cheerfully share your home with those who need a meal or a place to stay.”

It’s great to spend time with our friends, but let’s not forget those who we may not consider our ‘friends’ yet they are part of the body of Christ. Christians are all ‘brothers and sisters’ and when one of us is in need, we should be there to help each other.

Can you think of someone right now who needs a bit of love and tender care? Maybe today is the day to stop making excuses about why you don’t want to invite them over to your place, and just go for it. There could be somebody you know who is lonely or hurting right now, who needs you.

You never know how much it could mean to them to be invited into your home and, no doubt in the process, you’ll be blessed too.


Some prayer points to help

Pray for opportunities to share your home with others, especially those who need you most.