Why Eternity had a dry July

We dropped our July edition. Some of you noticed. Eternity is undergoing a review to work out the best way forward. As we are about to turn ten years old (in October), it’s high time to have a good look at how Eternity runs.

As they say in the trade, sorry for the inconvenience caused – only we mean it. The decision to cut that particular edition was made after June had gone to press. So we know we would at least have created puzzlement.

We don’t like to do this to you. Sorry.

Maybe it meant some of you listened to a sermon at church – although being a tabloid size we have always been hard to hide.

We are finding that some of our good friends who we thought only read the print edition are commenting on our online articles. If you need a regular Eternity fix, keep visiting us here or sign up to our popular weekly newsletter here.