A 10 minute car trip is all it takes to share the Bible with your kids

Eternity’s new family devotional podcast

“Teaching my kids about Jesus is the most important task I have as a mum.”

These are the words emblazoned across the website belonging to mum of four, Anna Ware.

As the host of the family Bible devotional podcast The Word on the Street, Ware is certainly living this out.

The Word on the Street has just become part of the Eternity Podcast Network. Each week, a ten-minute episode includes a Bible passage and explanation, along with discussion starters for parents and kids to talk about together.

The podcast is designed for families to listen to together in the car on the way to or from weekly activities, or any other time when you all can find a spare ten minutes.

“I thought we need a Christian podcast which would stimulate conversation with [my kids].” – Anna Ware

Ware – a school teacher who also has theological training – explains how the idea for the podcast came about: “I was driving in the car, just dropping my kids off at swimming every week. And the kids kept on wanting to listen to various podcasts.”

“I thought we need a Christian podcast which would stimulate conversation around that. A lot of the podcasts that I found were specifically aimed at kids, rather than for families to listen to together. Then I felt God say, ‘Well, you should make one.’ So I did.”

While she had no previous podcasting experience, Ware decided she had enough “spare time” to begin this project last year when the youngest of her four children started school.

“At the time I thought, ‘Do I want to get a job or what do I want to do with my time?’ Financially, we were OK, so God kind of pushed me along this path …”

“I kind of felt a bit rogue, just going ahead and making a podcast,” Ware admits. “So I chatted with one of the pastors at church.

“She said, ‘Why wouldn’t you do it?’ I felt like I needed it to be commissioned or have someone give me the authority to go and do it. But, you know, God’s authority is good enough and anyone can do podcasting these days.”

“This is for parents who need a bit of help to introduce the Word into their daily family life.” – Anna Ware

Ware has since created 40 episodes of The Word on the Street, and she is looking forward to the podcast reaching a wider audience though the Eternity network.

“I will confess that I’m not very good at marketing. And a lot of people have said, ‘I didn’t even know this podcast existed.’ So I’m grateful for the Eternity Podcast Network helping me to promote it and to have more people benefit from the content that I create,” says Ware, who has received great feedback from families who are already listening .

“I see the podcasts being most helpful for people who don’t have the time or the inclination to sit down with their kids and do a Bible study or just read the Bible together on a regular basis. This is for parents who need a bit of help to introduce the Word into their daily family life.

Ware continues: “Bringing up God and talking about him and reading the Word and sharing what you’re reading with your kids can be natural for some people. But a lot of parents I’ve met find it doesn’t happen like that. You just kind of get bogged down in all of the things you have to do, like cooking dinner and taking kids to their activities and getting all the washing done. So you don’t end up doing the really meaningful stuff, like talking about God and prioritising those lessons.

“We teach kids all kinds of things, but often we don’t teach them about eternal things. So my goal for The Word on the Street podcast is for families who struggle to bring Christ into their daily lives, to really kickstart conversations about God, and for this to become a natural part of their conversations.

“So it starts with the podcast, but then my prayer is that these conversations will continue throughout the week as well.”

Season 2 of The Word on the Street is based on the theme of identity in Christ – how does having a Christian identity affect your life?

Episode One of Season 2 – “What’s your identity?” – is now available on the Eternity Podcast Network homepage.

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