Ep 30: It’s Christmas, so let’s talk food

Feasting vs fasting – and food in Narnia

Episode 30 of Eternity‘s podcast With All Due Respect

* Warning: you may hear Megan and Michael munching on “Tumnus cake” throughout this episode. Head to the “Marg and Dave” section below for the recipe.

For argument’s sake: where we take a debate, cut out the party politics and try to talk it out

It’s Christmas – but should Christians be feasting or fasting?

It’s hard to avoid excessive amounts of food at this time of year. But should Christians be taking a counter-cultural approach, just as in Orthodox traditions where people have fasted during Advent for centuries?

Megan and Michael explore the theology of food and offer a biblical understanding of Christmas feasting.

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What’s going on? Going deeper into what’s happening in the church

Dinner Church Movement

In this brand new segment, Megan and Michael explore the relatively new Dinner Church Movement (which is actually based on ancient principles) and key thinker in this area, Kendall Vanderslice.

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Marg and Dave: reviews from two people obsessed by stories, but not always the same ones

Food in The Chronicles of Narnia series by CS Lewis

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