Ep 9: Dominus illuminatio

Oxford University’s 900 year old motto is Dominus illuminatio mea: ‘The Lord is my light’


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When Sarah first arrived at Cambridge on a scholarship, and then later took a job at Oxford, she thought Christians were anti-intellectual.

And perhaps that’s what we’ve come to expect. Smart people have no time – no headspace – for God. They know too much. They think too deeply for the ‘shallows’ of theology.

This episode, we’re talking with people who’ve witnessed the opposite. Universities like Oxford and Cambridge are melting pots, where people can find their beliefs – or unbelief – turned upside down, just like Sarah.

John and Vaughan Roberts walking around Oxford.

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Get to know our guests

Dr Sarah Irving-Stonebraker is senior lecturer in Modern European History at Western Sydney University. She was awarded a PhD in History from Cambridge University in 2007.

Vaughan Roberts is Rector of St Ebbe’s Church in Oxford. He studied law at Cambridge University and theology at Wycliffe Hall in Oxford before entering ministry. Roberts is also Director of the Proclamation Trust, an organisation that encourages and equips Bible teachers. He is a popular conference speaker and author of several books.

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