A child with cancer finds hope and faith

A special project of care helps patients and families in Nicaragua

Adriana Collado first placed her faith in God at the age of just two, when she was being treated for leukaemia at La Mascota Children’s Cancer Hospital, in Managua, Nicaragua.

Thanks to supporters of Bible Society Australia, Adriana and her mother Ana were among 7500 suffering Nicaraguan families who last year received free copies of the Bible while attending devotions organised by pastors and volunteers at La Mascota Hospital.

“Ana would eagerly participate in the devotionals we organised, and as time passed, Jesus started forming a woman of hope and faith,” says Rebeca Alfaro, Project Officer for Hope and Smiles for Children with Cancer, Bible Society of Nicaragua. The project running at the La Mascota Hospital provides not only spiritual support, but also helps with nutrition and transport for patients and their families.

After eight months of treatment, Adriana’s doctors allowed her to go home for a visit. After the family were reunited, Ana and Adriana visited their community’s parish church to give thanks to God for what he had done in their lives.

Sadly, after two years of treatment, Adriana relapsed, and the doctors believed it was unlikely she would heal. When the family returned to the hospital for palliative treatment and radiotherapy, Bible Society of Nicaragua stepped in, transporting Adriana and Ana to the Radiotherapy centre and praying for her healing.

“My little girl has moved forward. God healed her.” – Ana Collado

“I have faith that my daughter will move forward. God has great plans in her life,” Ana Collado said. “I have to keep fighting for my daughter; she is the treasure God gave me.”

The verse Ana turned to during this testing time was Jeremiah 29:11:  “For I know the plans I have for you,” declared the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

“Two years have passed since little Adriana relapsed and, after difficult processes, my little girl has moved forward. God healed her,” says Ana.

“I thank God for using the ministries of Bible Society, the pastors and volunteers who accompanied us in the hospital. Your prayers and support have been important for us, teaching us how to trust in the Lord.

“Now, the doctors call my little girl ‘Miracle’ because she is alive and clean of cancer by the grace of God! This experience is building my character and dependence on God.”

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