Believe: The jumper that helps you witness

The UK store Marks and Spencer is selling a jumper with “believe” in large letters on it. “Ever since  I started wearing my #teambelieve jumper I have been having some really interesting conversations,” says Nicole Kinrade, a Church of England Minister.

The jumper has become a Twitter hit with British women clergy wearing it so much that they need a hashtag – #teambelieve.

“One female priest is even creating a large photomontage of more than 200 clergy sporting their Believe jumpers – having called for those that ‘fit the description’ to send their images across via Twitter,”  the Daily Mail reported.

Here’s how Kinrade responded, tweeting out a video of her answering the question she’s been asked while wearing the jumper. “What do you believe?” Her answer is the Apostles’ Creed.

And, yes, the jumper is on sale on Mark and Spencer’s Australian site. As it is a jumper, maybe wear it in winter?