Protest voters will 'hold their noses' and pick Trump

A leading commentator explains the stark choice confronting Americans

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump faces increasing backlash and criticism, particularly for his treatment of women. But with the American election to be held on November 8, Trump continues to campaign on the front foot – even declaring the election process is “rigged” against him.

Marvin Olasky is one of the USA’s most respected and influential Christian journalists. Editor in chief of World magazine, Olasky has publicly labelled Donald Trump as “unfit for power” and called for him to step down from running for the top job. During a recent visit to Australia, Olasky told Eternity that he knew many Christians would still be voting for Donald Trump – but they would be doing so “holding their noses”, as a protest vote.




Some prayer points to help

Pray for the American presidential candidates, that they will be people who want to lead in the way Jesus modelled.