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Shipment of pirated Bibles seized in Nigeria

Ripping off God’s word is a major issue for African nation

Movies, music and videogames are the kinds of content usually associated with illegal copying and distribution. But Nigerian authorities began the new year by seizing a major shipment of pirated books, CDs – and Bibles.


The $Aus1.1 million haul was confiscated by the Nigerian Copyright Commission, with the assistance of Bible Society Nigeria.

“As an organisation, one of the greatest challenges we have is piracy” – Bible Society Nigeria

While some might view piracy as a complement to or a helping hand for the original materials, the leader of Bible Society Nigeria spoke against the practice of ripping something off.

“As an organisation, one of the greatest challenges we have is piracy,” said Dare Ajiboye, BSN General Secretary/Chief Executive Officer.

“It is saddening to invest time, money and energy to produce a creative work which is stolen and reproduced by pirates,” Ajiboye told News Agency of Nigeria.

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