10 Tips for Reading the Bible Every Day

Wednesday 3  September 2014

Tell me I’m not the only one who struggles to read the Bible everyday? I’ll tell you a secret: there’s no magic formula. It comes down to perseverance and practice. Here are 10 tips to help you practice and persevere in reading your Bible everyday. 

bible1. Routine

Setting aside a chunk of time at the same time every day can help your Bible reading habits. For people who like and thrive in a routine, it helps to know that reading the Bible comes after a shower and before breakfast each morning. As some are keen to say: “no Bible, no breakfast”. 

2. Apps 

For the phone junkies out there, we have some good news. The clever folk over at Scripture Union have developed Daily Bread, an App that provides you with a short passage from the Bible as well as some questions to help you think through how the passage might apply to your life today. Other Apps you could try include Daily Bible and YouVersion

3. Daily Emails

If an App is just a bit too technical for you,there is something out there for you too. A number of websites offer a daily Bible verse subscription that sends a Bible verse and a question or two to your email inbox in the mornings. We like Live Light in 25 Words from the Bible Society. 

4. A Bible reading plan

If you’d just rather something on paper, look for a Bible Reading Plan. There are too many to choose from. You can choose from a Read the Bible in One Year plan, the Chronological plan, the New Testament plan, the Read the Bible in Four Years plan, the Study Bible plan, or any number of other plans. There is no wrong choice here, just look for the one that excites you and go for it!

5. Audio Bibles

Not into Apps, emails or paper? Perhaps you learn by listening? Never fear, the audio Bible is here! You can buy the Bible on CD and listen to it while you drive, catch the train, or even while you do some housework. 

6. Journaling

Sometimes we all need a little help getting excited about reading the Bible (especially when we’re reading those long, long genealogies in 1 & 2 Chronicles). You could try journaling. There’s no right or wrong way to journal, just buy a notebook and write down whatever you notice or think or wonder about when you’re reading the Bible. It can be good for two reasons. First, you’re more likely to remember something if you write it down; and second, you’re more likely to focus on what you’re reading if you make notes. 

7. Create a Visual Representation

This is the artistic version of journaling. Try drawing what you’re reading. If you’re reading Acts, draw a map of Paul’s three missionary journeys. If you’re reading 1 & 2 Kings, draw a family tree. If you’re reading Ezekiel, try and draw the vision of chapter one. You’d be surprised just what you can come up with. 

8. Read a Book of the Bible in one sitting

One of the hardest things about irregular Bible reading is that when we finally return to the Bible it’s often difficult to recall what we read last time. Take an hour, turn everything off, and read through a whole book of the Bible. You’ll likely find that you get a much richer picture of the message of the book. 

9. Read with a friend

There’s nothing like knowing someone is relying on you to push you into action. But that’s actually just a subtle form of guilt. If you’re going to read the Bible with someone, pick a friend who won’t make you feel guilty for missing a day or two. Read a chapter per day, and text each other with something that stuck out to you. It doesn’t need to be an incredible insight, just something that God put on your heart. 

10. Know yourself and what works for you 

I guess this is not a Bible reading tip so much as a life tip, but it applies. If you start a Bible reading plan and just can’t get past day four, and you’ve restarted the plan seven times, just give it up and try something else. No one method is going to work for everyone. Anyone who says so is simply lying.