On NOT reporting the “news”. Whose news is it anyway?

This is going to read a bit “churchy”. But bear with me for a moment.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the kind-of-leader of the Anglicans, had a press conference today (England Time), at the end of a week of gathering with the heads of the national churches around the world discussing same sex marriage. (My inaccurate summary: The US church has been told off for adopting gay marriage.) Eternity version here

There’s been a lot of media coverage of this: New York Times, CNN, Huffington Post, Guardian, the Vanguard in Nigeria. It was actually the lead story in the print edition of the Guardian.

But the Sydney Morning Herald instead has run with a very different angle. At the conference Justin Welby the Archbishop of Canterbury announced that along with two popes (The Catholic one, and the Coptic one) and the head of the Orthodox church, he was working on a plan to stabilise the date of Easter, holding it on say the first or second weekend of April each year.

Here is their Easter story

Which would you choose as the bigger story? I suspect the Herald got this one right. While parts of the Christian Twittersphere has been ablaze this week, and there is a solid local link in that Sydney’s Peter Jensen is a key player as General Secretary of the conservative GAFCON group in the Anglican Communion, having Easter on a fixed date each year will affect everybody.