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Perth knows the power of prayer

Every couple of months for the last 10 years a group of young adults has met together in Perth to worship God and pray. At each event there is somewhere between 40 and 100 young adults from around 15 churches across the city who are keen to connect with other Christians and commit their city and the world to God in prayer.UP Carey


Spawned in 2005, the original team behind United Prayer decided that they wanted to do more for young adults in Perth than simply hosting regular social events. When the first worship and prayer night went well, they decided to run another.

Over the next few years, churches began to offer spaces to hold the United Prayer events. Dan Hollett came on the team in 2010 and now serves as one of the four organisers of the event. He says, “it really grew as God breathed into it.”

No one on the organisation team is paid. In fact, Dan calls his responsibilities one of his “extracurricular activities”.

“We want to encourage a community of prayer,” says Dan.

“At the events we always have ‘meet and pray’, where we encourage people to get into threes and fours to meet one another, share prayer points and then pray for each other.”

Depending on the time of year, they also pray for school leavers, significant world events, the persecuted church, other churches in the city, and for local church leaders to know God’s heart and have wisdom as they engage with the big issues of the day.

“Unity is important,” says Dan, “because the Kingdom is not about competition, it’s about collaboration. [The connections] are obviously most valuable to small churches – we are a body that helps one another. We are all one in Christ Jesus.”UP Riverview2

Dan isn’t against social events for young adults, but he says prayer distinguishes the event from being simply social.

“Prayer will take two strangers and link their hearts together. It grows care and compassion, and builds real relationships. Unity has to go beyond lip service, or ideas, or recognition. It is an investment in the other to care for and love them.

“In Perth we’re isolated, so we need each other. United Prayer helps us walk together even though we don’t see each other regularly.”

The next United Prayer event is on Wednesday September 16 at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Perth. Find out more about United Prayer here.