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Convictions of an octogenarian minister: John Stott reflects on 60 years – Quaerentia
“Since his death last summer, many have frequently commented on the characteristics that really set [John Stott] apart were his concern for individuals (people always sensed his genuine interest and concern in them when talking together) and his humility. To my mind, he was, for all his faults, essentially a very kind man – which is so striking. There are many spiritual greats who have walked this earth, many great leaders. But it is not many for whom a primary memory is simply kindness.This simple little list of practical tips from a man not long before his promotion to glory surely goes a long way to explaining how this was the case. We all have much to learn…Read full blog here.

When clean and unclean touch – Mark Buchanan, Leadership Journal
Mark Buchanan, pastor at New Life Community Baptist Church in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada writes: “Recently, a young couple started coming to our church. They’re very likable. They married a few years ago on the other side of the country, then migrated west to our town, and visited several churches until they ended up in ours. Both take their faith seriously. Both are seeking a place where they can worship, serve, grow. They want a loving and Christ-centered environment in which to raise their daughters in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord. Both are women. Linda and Rita are lesbians.” Read the full blog here.

What if you really are just a mum? – Woman of God Magazine, Trillia Newbell
“Over the past year I’ve seen articles and posts encouraging moms that we are more than just moms…My question is; what if in your day-to-day life you do nothing else but mother all-day-long? What if you truly are just a mom? Read full blog here.

On God, good and evil – ABC Religion & Ethics, Scott Stephens
Scott Stephens give a wrap of the first of two episodes on God, good and evil for ABC’s Encounter program, with Benjamin Myers, John Milbank, Susan Neiman, Kevin Hart, Richard Kearne, Marilyn McCord Adam, Dr Stanley Hauerwas. “…In the aftermath of the atrocities of Auschwitz, the devastations of Hiroshima and the bloodlands of eastern Europe, and owing to the moving testimonies of Robert Antelme and Elie Weisel, perhaps even the poetry of Ceslaz Milosz, the taut thread that held God and Evil in perennial tension seemed to snap – as the sheer, undeniable presence of “Evil” in this world called into question whether it made sense to speak about God any more. The question is whether the twentieth century has left us so fascinated by the reality of evil, so aware of the ever-presence of threat in our world, that we in the West can simply no longer imagine the Good…” Read full article here.