Are you the best Lego Master - at home?

If Monday night’s final of Lego Masters has left you desperate for more tiny brick competitions, don’t despair!

The Big Family Build 2020 could be exactly what your household is craving as Lego Masters veterans Lyn and her grandson Matt get set to judge what homemade lego creations around a very special theme.

Organised by Zenos Media, The Big Family Build 2020 is a Christian-based Lego contest that invites Lego enthusiasts to rope at least one other member of their family (or someone they consider family) to join them in the quest to create the best construction they can. And this year, creations are to be based on that most excellent of theme, “The Gospels.”

“The main motivation behind the competition is to encourage families to dive into God’s word together in a creative way,” explains Zenos Media about its wholesome competition, which began last year.

Big Family Build entries may depict a scene, character or passage from the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke or John.

Once would-be-Lego-master-entrants have concretised gospel truth into Lego gold, photos or video footage are to be sent through for judging.

Deadline for submissions is June 21 and there will be a special prize for creations by children 16 years or younger. Along with Lyn and Matt’s selected winners, there also will be a People’s Choice Award.

For some inspiration, check out Eternity‘s interviews with Lyn and Josh, who came third on Monday night with his team mate Trent.

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