Back to Church in three steps

Maybe just maybe you need to plan to get back together

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced three steps towards allowing people to gather in larger groups.

“Step one will enable greater connection with friends and family, allowing gatherings up to 10 people, and five guests in your own home. Working from home, if it works for you, and your employer. That’s a difference in emphasis. As I’m sure you picked up. It will see children back in classrooms and in play grounds in their communities. Golfers back on the green. Lap swimmers back in the pool. Boot catch camps back in the parks. Retail and small cafes and restaurants reopening. Interstate recreational travel, starting again. It will see easing of restrictions for funerals with up to 30 attendees, outdoors, and 10 at weddings.

“Step two will allow larger size gatherings up to 20 people, including for venues such as cinemas and galleries, more retail openings
on sector based COVID safe plans, organised community sport, and beauty parlours, and you’ll be pleased to know, barre classes open once again.

“Step three, allowing gatherings up to 100 people. This will become clearer as we move through the first two steps. There will be more work to do on step three. But most workers, by then, will be back in the workplace. Interstate travel will likely resume. Pubs and clubs with some restrictions will be open. And also possibly gaming venues.

Steps two and three look promising for Sunday services. Churches with meal-based relational evangelism gatherings such as Alpha will see the possibilities in stage one.

Larger churches might set up meetings of under 100 in stage three.

Each state will havre to set the pace for these three steps. some will be faster than others. Expect WA and SA to move more quickly than Victoria.

What is your church planning?


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