Breaking News: Christian Democratic Party in receivership

The Christian Democratic Party has had an administrator appointed “as a result of the board forming a view that the association was likely to become insolvent”.

In a note to members, Schon G. Condon – who has been appointed administrator and manager – points to litigation as the reason the party is likely to become insolvent.

In addition to disorder at some of its recent general meetings, the party is the target of at least two law suits. One is by a former party treasurer Charles Knox – a member of the “Newcastle Faction” of the CDP – that concerns whether the way the party board was properly elected. Affidavits raised as part of this case, and seen by Eternity, question how competently the party has handled its funds.

The conduct of party elections is also the subject of complaints. Other significant people, such as former party president Ross Clifford (who heads Morling College), have stood down from party positions.

Lyle Shelton was appointed by leader Fred Nile to rebuild the party and lead it into the next NSW election. News of the recievership will not help.

In a June 8 notice to members, Condon records his further appointment in May as administrator/manager under the orders of Justice Patricia Henry of the Equity Division of the Supreme Court. He had served a few weeks of being a voluntary administrator after his initial appointment by the board.

This means he replaces the party board and controls the party assets.

“In accordance with the Court Orders, I am required to convene an extraordinary general meeting of members to elect a new board which will take place in due course,” Condon writes to members.

“In addition to the calling of the meeting I am empowered to obtain and collate feedback from the association members in relation to any governance issue they percieve, as well as any issues relating to a person’s membership. Accordingly if  you have any comments, concerns or issues you would like to raise with me prior to the calling of the extraordinary general meeting, would you please provide these comments by 5pm on 15 June, 2021, by email to [email protected]

While at first sight the appointment of Condon as administor/manager to the Christian Democratic Party appears to be a severe setback, if effective discussion takes place it may well provide a way for the large number of party dissidents, and several factions (several of whom have been talking to Eternity), to be re-united.