Brian Houston's court case begins

The Court case R v Brian Charles Houston formally began today in the Downing Centre Local Court in Sydney. Houston, Senior Global Pastor of Hillsong is charged with the alleged concealment of child sexual abuse that occurred in the 1970s, which he  became aware of in 1999. A plea of not guilty was entered by his lawyer.

The perpetrator was Frank Houston, Brian Houston’s father. The elder Houston abused a number of children in his native New Zealand, but the case before the court concerns the abuse of Australian survivor Brian Sengstock as a young boy.

Brian Houston, then State President of the Australian Christian Churches headed the team that dealt with the abuse internally, defrocking the senior Houston, and banning him from preaching.

Brian Houston, who returned to Australia a couple of weeks ago, was not present in court. The case was quickly adjourned until November 23.

The case follws the finding of the Royal Commission into the Institutiona response to Child Sexual Abuse that Houston had failed to report his fathers crime to the state authorities.