Christian Democrats party president resigns

The Christian Democrats have lost their party president – and, possibly, the New South Wales state manager, the CDP’s top operating executive.

Ross Clifford confirmed to Eternity that he has resigned as State President “but I am still a member of the CDP,” he confirmed.

In a scenario reminiscent of the recent meeting where a group of young members attempted a vote of no confidence – resulting in a claim that an adjourned meeting had been reconvened by party rebels – the State Manager Craig Hall has been sacked. Or has he?

After an 8-2 vote not to renew Craig Hall’s contract, Eternity understands that an attempt to overturn that decision has been made.

The earlier rebellion was ruled out of order but, at this stage, Eternity does not know Hall’s status.

Nile, who recently turned 85, leads a party in which some people are jockeying for his job. Nile has said on the record that he is not ready to go.

Clifford has given the party reputation a boost in the past, as principal of Morling College – the NSW Baptist seminary.

In being Nile’s favoured successor (which he likely still is), he has given the party stability.