Does Eric Abetz have a point about gay people and 'straight'?

Our society overlooks those who abandon a gay lifestyle

Tasmanian Senator Eric Abetz (who may not be everyone’s favourite senator) this week drew criticism and scorn for comments he made about people choosing to go from homosexual to heterosexual lifestyles.

News reports included scathing replies to Senator Abetz’s comments at a book launch, where he suggested people should be commended for “coming out” as heterosexual, having previously identified as homosexual.

Eternity has featured several stories of people who have changed their gay sexual identity or lifestyle to follow Jesus.   You’ll hardly ever read about them in the mainstream media.  In the video with this story, an interview with a former gay rights activist David Bennett,  he tells Eternity there is something wonderful to celebrate in such a shift in sexual identity.


Some prayer points to help

Pray for sensitivity and understanding for people who identify as heterosexual, having previously identified as homosexual.