Facebook censors Eternity

But on the other hand, Bible verses are being added to Facebook Groups

It’s the case of the disappearing post. Like many other news organisations, Eternity published a response to Israel Folau’s highly publicised “hell” comments two weeks ago and it shared the story via its Facebook feed.

Posted at 5:24pm on April 10, the “Should Israel Folau be silenced?” post began to collect comments and responses before Eternity noticed around 9pm that it had vanished.

Without having any explanation for why this had happened, Eternity re-posted the story to Facebook later that evening. The second post remained.

Eternity contacted Facebook’s tech team on April 12 and asked why the post had disappeared. Taking a few weeks and several messages to track down the right department, the response from Facebook’s Global Marketing Solutions admitted that an internal and unspecified policy caused the post to be taken down.

Sean from Global Marketing Solutions wrote: “The relevant department has investigated and provided their feedback. The post and found that it was removed by one of our policies in false positive. They have restored it now.”

Eternity doesn’t know what ‘false positive’ means but the policy that led to the removal seems linked to the post’s controversial content and the Christian viewpoints being expressed about it.

Eternity’s censorship case comes in the wake of Facebook being the subject of international attention for selling user’s data, as well as its split with the founder of WhatsApp over security issues.

But while Christian content was “removed” by Facebook in Australia, there’s a different story of inclusion within Facebook Groups.

At F8 (Facebook’s Developer Conference) this week, Facebook announced it has been working with the world’s biggest Bible app, YouVersion, to add its “Verse of the Day” to Facebook Groups. This new feature for Facebook Groups is coming soon.

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