Fall-out from Coopers controversy continues

Major news outlets have mixed reactions to ‘Keeping it Light’ video

SBS2’s satirical news programme The Feed released a parody ad yesterday about the controversial “Keep it Light” video, released by Bible Society Australia and featuring Coopers beer.

The Feed‘s video received 173,000 views and comments ranged from amusement to hostility, as well as support for Coopers and the Bible Society. Other reactions from major news services to the BSA/Coopers relationship include a Channel 9 report and Sydney Morning Herald article.

Bible Society Australia CEO Greg Clarke appeared on ABC News Breakfast this morning, interviewed by presenters Michael Rowland and Virginia Trioli about the scandal.

When asked about the huge response to the Coopers/BSA relationship, Clarke said: “It certainly made it hard to keep it light and we really didn’t want this to be a bad reflection on Coopers. Perhaps a bit of naivety on our part the way that we did the video. The light-hearted nature got the better of us. There was no sponsorship arrangement at all with Coopers.”

“It is a storm in a schooner, really.” – Michael Rowland

Rowland and Trioli appeared to also take a light approach to the controversy, following the Clarke interview.

“It is a storm in a schooner, really,” suggested Rowland. “A storm in a middy?” replied Trioli.

Rowland also said “there should be more” conversations about serious issues, such as same sex marriage, which are “light-hearted” and “civil”. Trioli pointed out that companies can expect backlash if they are seen to take a political stance on an issue, and consumers have the right to take their business elsewhere.

“Of course they are,” said Rowland about people choosing to not buy Coopers beer. “[But] I bet they don’t stick to it.”

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