A ‘gay agnostic’ and a Christian chat candidly about same-sex marriage

MPs Tim Wilson and Andrew Hastie share their views, and a few laughs

***The original video has been removed at the request of Bible Society Australia***

Tim Wilson MP and Andrew Hastie MP sat down to have a chat about same-sex marriage.

“You can come to differing positions and recognise that they’re legitimate and deeply held.” – Tim Wilson

Same-sex attraction and Christianity

Sexual desires and identity, and what the Bible says about them, is a sensitive subject. Eternity has published several articles about same-sex attraction and Christianity, for you to read, consider and pray about.

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Same-sex attracted Christians are called to a life of love, not just self-denial

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I'm a same-sex attracted Christian

After articulating their own views on the issue (Wilson is for a change in the definition of marriage, Hastie is against it), they are asked to explain each other’s view, and identify the points at which they find the other’s argument compelling.

Wilson says, “You can disagree without being disagreeable. You can come to common positions or differing positions and recognise that they’re legitimate and deeply held.”

The “Keeping it Light” series is developed by Bible Society Australia, as part of the celebration of 200 years of continuous operation in Australia.

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