Israel Folau a surprise guest at ACL dinner

If you have been wondering whether Israel Folau, sacked by Rugby Australia for posting on Instagram that a certain list of behaviours will lead people to hell, appreciates the support that many Christians are giving him, the answer is yes.

Folau turned up at last night’s “Draw the Line” dinner in Melbourne, a fundraising event for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL).

“Great to have Israel Folau as a surprise guest last night in Melbourne for ACL’s Draw the Line Dinner there,” Queensland ACL leader Wendy Francis  says on Facebook. “Nice to see someone as tall as Martyn Iles! Israel was presented with a book of close to 50,000 names who are standing with him.”

Iles got a signatures of people who have signed up to the ACL’s “I stand with Izzy” campaign bound into a book to present to the footballer.*

Folau mingled with guests and supporters, who would have felt they got their money’s worth on the night.

*In an earlier version of this story we reported that Folau contacted Iles and asked to come to the dinner but ACL tells us that is not the way it happened.