Just in time for Easter, a great kids video

My favourite Christian ministry right now? QuizWorx, the puppet ministry that’s reaching thousands of Australian kids with funny and gospel-centred stage shows  – and me as well, with their latest video.

The QuizWorx team has just released a 2021 Easter special video.

I am a scripture teacher – I volunteer to teach a SRE (Special Religious Education) class at my local school. If I was in Queensland, it would be RI (Religious Instruction) class and other states have opportunities – but not once a week.

Even before I play the latest Quizworx video – or invite them for a live show – I know I will get a gospel-focused resource that will tell the kids audience exactly why Jesus came.

Which helps fumblers like me make sure there’s at least one professional presentation of the gospel in front of the class this term.

Maybe you need their help too. Head to the QuizWorx site for the Easter video and so much more.

And like just about every Christian ministry, they could do with your support too (Free plug from a grateful Eternity editor)

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