Lyle Shelton on carrying on despite Fred's denial

Lyle Shelton is urging Christians to support and join the Christian Democrat Party (CDP). He is carrying on campaigning for the CDP despite being dis-endorsed by party leader Fred Nile.

“Our politics need strong Christian voices for religious freedom, life and the family,” he tells Eternity. “That is what our movement is committed to raising.”

In a few months Shelton has worked hard to rebuild the party. He has raised $120,000 from some 700 supporters and recruited hundreds of financial members. He reports some 6,000 have signed in support of his campaigns.

“As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Rev Nile has withdrawn his endorsement of me as his successor in parliament,” Shelton writes to his followers.

“Obviously, this is a big personal disappointment for me.

“But, as I’ve heard from hundreds of you in just the last few days, I know how disappointing this news has been for you.”

In a frank message Shelton addresses party members distressed at the latest turn of events in the CDP.

“As many of you know, the CDP has for years been plagued by the most un-Christian infighting and factionalism. In fact, many people have reminded me that this is just the latest in a long series of fallings out that have occurred over decades in the CDP.

Decisions are made by those who show up.

“This infighting has resulted in numerous court cases, and it’s meant the party has been focused on itself, rather than focusing on speaking up for Christian issues in the parliament.

“We all know that a house divided cannot stand. Many people sincerely hoped that generational change would put an end to the fighting.

Let me be clear, the future of the CDP should not be about personalities or egos. This is about building a movement of Christians who want to graciously and powerfully speak into the life of our nation.”

Eternity is aware there has been a softening towards Lyle Shelton as a  candidate to succeed Nile in the NSW upper house by some who had been upset that Nile had imposed Shelton on the party unilaterally. The next state election is in March 2023

“Now is not the time to walk away from Australia’s only Christian party with parliamentary representation,”  he tells  party members who might have been thinking of canceling their membership. He reminds them that decisions are made by those who show up.

“If you want a say in the future of Australia’s only Christian party, then you need to be a member. Canceling your membership cancels your voice.

“So I’m here today to ask you to stay the course. The need for a Christian party in Australia has never been greater.”

The CDP is currently in the hands of a receiver due to the financial effects of the court cases. His key task is to organise a fresh election of the party’s board. The question of who stands at the next election will be in the remit of that new board.