News Wrap Mar 1: Rape in the Bible, gaslighting and birthdays

Jordan Peterson. Franklin Graham. George Pell. You’ve read all about them this week, but what did you miss? News Wrap plugs you into other stand-out stories such as a new podcast about women in the Bible that asks the tough questions about violence. Eternity also asked Dr Jill Firth, Ridley College lecturer in Hebrew and Old Testament, about rape in the Bible. Her answer might startle you. PLUS: you’ve heard about gaslighting, but what is it? We explain this disturbing behaviour. And – happy birthday to us! Eternity newspaper publishes its 100th edition this month. And we give the gifts to you.

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New #SheToo podcast tackles violence against women in the Bible

Am I crazy? No, you’re just being gaslighted

Eternity’s 100th edition!

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