Pastor on remand after church defies Victoria's lockdown

Pastor Paul Furlong of Revival Church in Narre Warren, outer Melbourne, has been remanded in custody after being arrested for incitement after making a Facebook announcement that his church would hold a Sunday service. Victoria was in a seven day lockdown at the time.  Eternity has not seen any report of any other church defying the rules.

“Furlong posted a video on Facebook declaring he had chosen to ‘obey God over man’ and that his church would open for Sunday service in breach”, the Daily Mail reports.

A May 27 video of Pastor Furlong before his latest arrest is here. “I made a declarion before almighty God that we would not forsake the gathering of God’s people, so we are meeting…” he says on that video.

He repeats the claim on a second FB video where he asserts the UN Human Rights convention protects his gathering.

Furlong had been arrested in February for breaching Covid rules when he had more than 50 people in his church.

Furlong belives that COVID is a “new world order” hoax. “It’s just a cold. We know that there is no scientific proof that Covid exists,’ the Daily Mail and reports quote him as saying.

“It is the biggest fear-mongering hoax of the media, of power giants and the big boys to bring in a one world government and a one-world agenda.

“C’mon, wake up people. Stand up for your rights.”

About 50 people mounted a protest at the local oval on Sunday with 14 arrested.

Furlong is an active evangelist, with videos of his meetings in Pakistan, Kenya, Nepal and India over the last decade on a personal  youtube channel.