Revealed: the secret deal behind Fred Nile's party truce

Fred Nile’s Christian Democrat Party claims to have settled its internal differences. A Supreme Court case has gone to mediation and an agreed public statement has emerged. Issued under the name of Fred Nile, it is short, bland and not very informative.

“The Christian Democratic Party (CDP) is pleased to announce that through mediation, the CDP has amicably resolved the recent Party issues. We are moving forward collectively in a manner that will bring the Party not only closer but stronger. We believe that the plan being implemented to address concerns on both sides will be successfully realised.

“We are assured by our faith that the Party will continue to act in a manner that further advances the values of our Christian principles in and through our government. We ask that our supporters keep us in prayer as we heal the rifts. We look forward to a harmonious and positive future.”

Behind this statement lies a court case brought by Party treasurer Charles Robert Bray Knox. It is clear that the issues concerned in this case and other rifts within the party concerned expenditures that the treasurer was concerned about. Eternity does not set out to substantiate or support any allegation, but is simply reporting they have been made.

Following a series of confusing and disruptive meetings of the party, the departure of Craig Hall, the state manager, and the resignation of Ross Clifford as president, Annie Wright has been appointed as a caretaker state manager of the CDP, and a caretaker board meeting was scheduled for Saturday, November 14.

An Annual State Convention of the CDP will be held on November 28, 2020. Branch closures and party members’ suspension won’t stop any person from voting at this AGM. Nominations for all party positions closed on Sunday 15, and party members should receive information within a week of November 20.

Matters resolved by the Party treasurer’s court case mediation include:

• claims by Annie Wright for payment for Party work

• claims by Silvana Nero Nile for reimbursement

• claims by Fred Nile relating to the costs of Family World News (a newspaper published by Nile) – unless assessed by lawyers.

Despite the mediation, intra-party disputes remain. The caretaker board is consulting lawyers to advise about the former state director Craig Hall’s case against the Party – presumably about his departure from his role. Any significant action regarding Hall has been held over until the Party elects a new board at the AGM.