Tennys Sandgren dumps tweets after off-court challenges

Australian Open Quarter Finalist grilled about his online activity

Unknown American tennis player Tennys Sandgren appears to have purged his Twitter account, following accusations of supporting the alt-right movement in the USA. The movement is associated with white nationalism and anti-Semitism.

Sandgren takes on fellow rising star Hyeon Chung today in Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena but the 26-year-old has been forced to play a defensive game off the court.

“What information you see doesn’t dictate what you think or believe…” – Tennys Sandgren

A professing Christian, Sandgren faced many questions at post-match press conferences this week about his interaction with controversial white nationalist Nicholas Fuentes and other figures in the American alt-right.

“Who you follow on Twitter, I feel like doesn’t matter even a little bit,” Sandgren said, following his fourth round win against Dominic Thiem. “What information you see doesn’t dictate what you think or believe and I think it’s crazy to assume that.

“To say ‘well he’s following X person so he believes all the things that this person believes’, I think that’s ridiculous. That’s not how information works.”

“I support Christ and following him.” – Tennys Sandgren

Since attention shifted this week from his career-making Grand Slam performances to his online activity, Sandgren’s Twitter account has dumped the bulk of its tweets.

While Tennys Sandgren (named after his Swedish great-grandfather) admitted to finding alt-right content “interesting”, he said that his personal beliefs stopped him from supporting the movement: “As a firm Christian, I don’t support things like that, no.”

“I support Christ and following him.”

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