Texts from your social media friends in Bethlehem

Mary and Joseph want to message @yoursmartphone

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We all know the Christmas story. But what if you could experience it in real time?

You might not be able to ride your own donkey to Bethlehem this Christmas, but Bible Society has launched a campaign to let you get pretty close to the action.

Christxt lets you listen in as Mary comes to terms with her mysterious pregnancy. You can sit with Joseph as he unpacks all the implications of his fiance’s predicament.

For 11 days in the lead up to Christmas, Christxt subscribers will receive text messages on their phones or via Facebook Messenger from Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth and Magi Jamal – all characters in the Christmas story.

To sign up, text ‘HOLY’ to 0488 222 777. Or visit holytext.com.au for more information.

Bible Society Australia hopes the modern method of Christxt causes us to remember the shocking origins of Christmas: “The story is so well known, it’s easy for any of us to forget how scandalous and how emotional the story really is.”

Having celebrated its 200th birthday during 2017, Bible Society Australia wants to “spread the Bible’s message of Christmas even further,” according to BSA Media and Communications manager John Pearson. “Part of our mission is help people truly engage with the Bible.

“We see Christxt as a new and exciting way of doing this,” says Pearson. “We’re also encouraging people of all ages to share the Christmas message with others.”

To sign up, text ‘HOLY’ to 0488 222 777. Or visit holytext.com.au for more information.

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