U turn, ACL gets access to WA venues

A statement from the Minister for Culture and the Arts David Templeman and Perth Theatre Trust Board Chair Morgan Solomon:

Theatres and arts venues have always been safe places for marginalised people and the broader participants of the arts sector to express themselves. This is something we are acutely aware of and respect deeply.

Our values are clear – we respect diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Today’s announcement by the PTT to change its decision about hiring its venues to the Australian Christian Lobby is one that we understand will cause concern in the arts community.

Given the issues that have been raised about the recently published Venue Hire Policy and the decision to refuse the Australian Christian Lobby a hire request, the Policy is under review.

This decision is in no way an endorsement of their views.

The PTT will be working hard over the coming weeks to renew and strengthen its Venue Hire Policy to ensure future decisions on commercial hires are in accordance with the values and guiding principles of the organisation of diversity, equality and inclusion to ensure our venues remain safe places.

A response by the ACL’s Managing Director Martyn Iles:

We’re grateful that God has kept this door open for us to take The Truth of It LIVE to public places in WA.
A statement out today by Minister Templeman is very unkind to ACL, and keeps the door open for the new policy to have major problems, but I guess we can’t make everyone like us.
We can, however, ensure that taxpayer-funded, government-owned facilities are not permanently closed to Christians.